Air Sand Blasting Guns

A sandblaster can be used to remove paint and dirt from many different surfaces. The act of Sandblasting forces abrasive material (grit) onto surfaces at extremely high pressure. This act gradually removes the dirt or paint leaving surfaces clean. Sand blasting is perfect for cleaning hardwoods and restoring the look of the timber or leaving the timber in a prepped state ready for painting. Commonly used for removing rust from metal work in the automotive industry and in the restoration trade for restoring old metalwork, like railings or pipework. When sandblasting, it’s essential that you wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), this involves wearing full overalls, a helmet with a full face visor, dust masks, goggles and gloves. You can find all the PPE items in our personal protective equipment section.

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Air Sand Blasting Gun Kit

Air Sand Blasting Gun Kit

For the hobbyist or professional user. Suitable for removing old paint, rust spots, etc. Fitted with a collection bag enabling grit to be re - used. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 30427 Part No: 4289


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