Caulking Guns

Caulking guns are ideal tools when the need to patch drill holes, seal cracks or provide waterproof barriers in bathrooms and kitchens arises. They come in two distinct styles and both are easy, simple and effective units to use. They have self-explanatory names, which refer to the way the caulking guns are fabricated, the first is skeleton style and the second is a half-barrel. Both types of caulking gun, either skeleton or half barrel are fitted with attachments for making life just a little easier, for example some are fitted with hooks on the end of the plunger, so it can be hung up on a ladder, others are fitted with a needle poker at the end of the caulking gun, enabling clogged up caulk or sealant nozzles to be unblocked by simply sinking the poker down a caulking or sealant tube nozzle. All are fitted with ergonomic comfortable handles. So when the need to lay down, smooth beads of caulk or sealant arise for construction or maintenance jobs, look no further than these high quality caulking guns.

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Teflon Coated Expanding Foam Gun

Expert Quality, made from zinc with a steel barrel and trigger. For use with most sizes of expanding foam aerosol canisters. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 01020 Part No: EFG/2 View more
Triple Rod Applicator Gun, 380ml

Expert Quality, applicator gun, manufactured with a heavy-duty steel frame attached to a triple plunge rod, which delivers an impressive 16:1 thrust ratio. Ideal for use with polyester resins an... more

Stock No: 15630 Part No: CGHD View more
Air Caulking Gun

Manufactured from aluminium and steel, this air powered caulking gun is perfect for many applications. It is designed to provide fast distribution of all types of sealants and glues, and the trigge... more

Stock No: 30911 Part No: DAT-ACG View more
Caulking Gun, 310ml

Caulking gun, manufactured with a rotating steel frame for easy access in corners whilst delivering a 9:1 thrust ratio. Capable of accommodating cartridges up to 310ml.... more

Stock No: 15627 Part No: CG2/B View more
Skeleton Caulking Gun, 350ml

Skeleton frame caulking gun, manufactured with a robust steel frame attached with a plunge rod. Capable of accommodating cartridges up to 350ml.... more

Stock No: 16238 Part No: CG2/SK View more
Expanding Foam Gun Nozzle Set (10 Piece)

Designed to attach to expanding foam guns including Draper Stock No's 28618 and 01020 and other manufacturers similar tools. Enables filling in hard to reach areas.... more

Stock No: 01021 Part No: EFG/NOZ View more


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