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Dual High Volume High Pressure Grease Pump

Expert Quality, gun with a double action trigger allowing the user the option of high pressure delivery - 0.45g at 69MPa (10,000psi) or high volume at 1.25g per shot. The high pressure deliver... more

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High Volume Hand Grease Pump

Expert Quality, high grease output, four times more efficient per stroke (4g) at 27MPa (4000psi). Heavy duty cast iron pump head. Supplied with drum cover, 2M of 1/4" I.D. high pressure rubber hos... more

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High Pressure Hand Grease Pump

Expert Quality, grease is delivered at 1.2g per stroke at 24MPa (3500psi). Pump head manufactured from cast aluminium with solid steel pumping chamber. Supplied with drum cover, 1.2M of flexible hos... more

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Grease Nipple Unblocker

Expert Quality, designed to be tapped with a hammer, which forces either paraffin or a light viscosity oil through the tool into the grease nipple, enabling the penetration of the clogged greas... more

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Grease Gun with Lever Action, Small Thread

Expert Quality, lever action grease gun intended for use with small threaded 500gram and 600gram screw-on type grease cartridges. Precision machined from high strength, die-cast aluminium, whic... more

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Professional Pistol-Type Grease Gun

Expert Quality, with diecast head and port for air bleeder/bulk loader for single handed operation. Supplied with coupler and 230mm high pressure hose to DIN1283. Suitable for 400g cartridge or bul... more

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Heavy Duty Lever Grease Gun, 500cc

For bulk loading with stiff, medium or heavy grease for agricultural, automotive or industrial applications. Heavy duty spring, plunger assembly and air release valve. Complete with delivery tube an... more

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Lever Grease Gun, 500cc

Heavy duty spring and plunger assembly, complete with delivery tube and hydraulic connector. Side lever action. Suitable for 400g grease cartridge loading. Safe working pressure 40MPa (6000 psi)... more

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Heavy Duty Pistol Type Grease Gun, 500cc

Heavy duty diecast head with port for air bleeder/bulk loader for single handed operation. Coupler and rigid extension tube. Suitable for 400g cartridge or bulk fill. Safe working pressure 34MPa (500... more

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Grease Gun, 500cc

Lever action gun for use with standard 400g grease gun cartridges and bulk. Supplied with delivery tube, connector with 1/8" BSPT thread and pressure relief valve. Safe working pressure 55MP... more

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Pistol-Type Grease Gun, 130cc

Zinc plated body with spring primed piston and air release valve complete with delivery tube and hydraulic connector. Safe working pressure 24MPa (4350 psi). Threaded 1/8" BSPT. Display carton.... more

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Mini Double Action Grease Gun, 100cc

Useful tool for greasing garden machinery, recreational and automotive vehicles. Display packed.... more

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