Lawn Mowers (Petrol)

As every keen gardener knows, mowing the lawn regularly helps maintain the health of the grass. If you have a large area of grass to mow, you'll benefit from purchasing a petrol lawnmower. They provide a high degree of effectiveness and offer various grass cutting capabilities. All our petrol lawn mowers are fitted with large grass collection bags, big enough to accommodate the extra grass clippings produced. So if you’re a professional lawn keeper, landscape gardener or have a large lawn that needs maintaining then these petrol lawnmowers will more than fulfil your requirements.

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Two Stroke Oil (1L)

Specially formulated semi - synthetic oil for high performance air cooled two stroke engines i.e. chainsaws, brush cutters and other horticultural equipment. Suitable for use with leaded and unleade... more

Stock No: 21032 Part No: AGP13 View more
Two Stroke Mix ing Plastic Bottle (1L)

High quality HDPE plastic with rigid screw - on plastic cap. Sold loose.... more

Stock No: 14447 Part No: TSMIX View more


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