Grass Trimmers/Strimmers (Petrol)

Indispensable tools for any committed gardener, grass trimmers, also known as strimmers allow you to put the finishing touches in any garden or grassy area by clearing long grass and thick undergrowth, which can’t be easily accessed with conventional lawnmowers. They’re designed for tasks such as cutting long grass next to railing or fences, clearing scrub and unkempt spaces and removing semi-mature vegetation growing on rough ground. Check out our selection, we’re sure there’s something to fit your requirements.

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Four Stroke Petrol Brush Cutter, 31cc

Features: 4 stroke petrol engine provides less noise and pollution, Fitted with a shoulder stap for added user comfort, Split shaft for ease of transport, Adjustable D type handle, Highly efficien... more

Stock No: 69301 Part No: GTP8 View more
Petrol Brush Cutter and Line Trimmer, 32.5cc

Features: 2 stroke petrol engine, Choke for easy starting, On/off switch with safety throttle lever and lock on for starting, Bike handle for comfortable use, Shoulder harness, Supplied with: thre... more

Stock No: 80880 Part No: GTP34 View more
Two Stroke Oil, 1L

Specially formulated semi - synthetic oil for high performance air cooled two stroke engines i.e. chainsaws, brush cutters and other horticultural equipment. Suitable for use with leaded and unleade... more

Stock No: 21032 Part No: AGP13 View more
Two Stroke Mixing Plastic Bottle, 1L

High quality HDPE plastic with rigid screw - on plastic cap. Sold loose.... more

Stock No: 14447 Part No: TSMIX View more


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