Pound Thru Screwdrivers - 980 Range

Specifically designed for use with hammers and other striking tools, our pound through screwdrivers are suitable for a host of trades, but especially useful in the automotive sector. Characterized by the colour coded comfortable handles that have a solid steel rooted cap running through it, giving it, its ‘pound thru’ name. This ‘pound thru’ feature enables the screwdriver to be whacked with a hammer, helping to eject hard to remove screws. Attached with precision ground tempered steel blades, that deliver a longer lasting tip edge and available in a range of sizes and tip types including plain slot, cross-slot, Phillips, PZ types tips.

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Pound Thru' Screwdriver Set (6 Piece)

Expert Quality, hexagonal section SVCM steel blades hardened, tempered and satin chrome plated finish with sand blasted tips. Handles are 'soft grip' polymer vulcanized with rooted cap allowing handl... more

Stock No: 40005 Part No: 980/6 View more


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