Specialist Bricklaying Tools

A selection of specialist bricklayers tools only used for bricklaying. This selection includes a jointers trowel for pointing the mortar between courses, a mortar rake for cleaning out old mortar prior to re-pointing, brick tongs for lifting blocks and bricks and a mixing board ideal when making a mix by hand.

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Brick and Block Lifting Tongs

For lifting bricks or blocks in one go. The tongs automatically close when handle is lifted. Adjustable length arms from 400mm to 670mm. Steel construction with soft grip handles for user comfort... more

Stock No: 90002 Part No: BLT View more
Mortar Mix ing Board

Designed for mixing cement and other similar products, this lightweight mixing board restricts spillages on driveways, lawns etc; preventing unsightly stains and keeping the workplace clean... more

Stock No: 31937 Part No: MMB View more
Mortar Joint Raker

For cleaning old or damaged mortar joints prior to repointing. Cast aluminium handle with integral mortar joint blade to assist with cleaning up brick edges. Variable depth 60mm spike. 45mm diamete... more

Stock No: 80215 Part No: MJR2 View more

Designed to finish the mortar joints between bricks. Suitable for 13mm and 16mm joints. Manufactured from carbon steel hardened and tempered with a plated finish. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 20853 Part No: 1121 View more


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