Nail Pullers/Pincers

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Knipex 51 01 210 SBE 210mm Carpenters Pincer

Professional Quality, with lower jaw striking face for driving in tacks and pins. Manufactured from special tool steel, oil hardened and tempered. Smoothly ground jaws with plastic coated handles... more

Stock No: 87153 Part No: 51 01 210 SBE View more
Soft Grip Carpenters Pincers

Forged from carbon steel hardened and tempered. Soft grip handles with slip guards. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 72172 Part No: 121SG View more
175mm Ball and Claw Carpenters Pincer

Forged from high quality steel hardened, tempered, with jaws induction hardened. Ball and claw pattern handles with black paint finish. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 32732 Part No: 121S2 View more
195mm Tack Lifter

Bright polished good quality steel claw blade with curved leverage end and plastic handle. Display packed.... more

Stock No: 64804 Part No: 2021 View more


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