Automotive Sprays

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400ml Mr D's Moisture Dispersant

Dual purpose moisture and penetrating oil, suitable for dispersing moisture from electrical systems and as a general lubricating and penetrating oil. Sold loose.... more

Stock No: 41921 Part No: MR-DS View more
400ml Brake and Clutch Cleaner Spray

Ideal for cleaning all parts of modern brake and clutch systems. Eliminates brake squeal and clutch slip caused by contamination and glazing. CFC free. Sold loose.... more

Stock No: 41925 Part No: ARE-BCL/A View more
400ml Carburettor and Injector Cleaner

Ideal for cleaning carburettors, injectors and brake parts. Helps prevent stalling and rough idling. CFC free. Sold loose.... more

Stock No: 41922 Part No: ARE-CCL/A View more


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