Motorcycle Lifts and Supports

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Motorcycle Frame Scissor Lift

Support stand with scissor style lifting mechanism, suitable for use either on a motorcycle lift or on the floor. Top of the platform has two sliding "U" shaped supports enabling the lift to hol... more

Stock No: 04992 Part No: MCPL2 View more
Motorcycle Scissor Stand with Pad, 450kg

Scissor support stand suitable for use on the floor or on a motorcycle lift. Rubber mat on platform prevents damage to underside of machine. Fitted with ball bearing rollers for smooth lifting an... more

Stock No: 04991 Part No: MCPL1 View more
Quick Lift Trials Bike Stand, 160kg

Quick lift off - road/trial bikes stand allowing the user to perform essential maintenance or services more easily. Simple foot lifting mechanism allows the bike to be swiftly raised. Rubber mat o... more

Stock No: 04995 Part No: MCPL4 View more


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