Axes, Mauls and Log Splitters

Although axes and mauls look similar and they even perform similar tasks, the functions they accomplish are different. Axes, for instance, are designed to chop wood across the grain by means of its sharp, hardened steel blade, while mauls, split the wood in the direction of the fibers with a blade that is not as sharp as an axe, but its heavier weight and speed of blow, splits the wood into smaller pieces. What they are used for follows their primary use. If you’re felling a tree, you will need to cut across the grain off the trunk so an axe is the tool to use. Once the tree has been chopped into manageable logs, they will more than likely still be too large for fireplaces, log burners or barbecues, so to split the logs into manageable tinder or firewood a maul or a log splitter needs to be used. They come with both fiberglass and wooden handles, available in a variety of lengths and weights. Both types of handles have their benefits; fiberglass handles are lighter and more durable than wood, but lots of people prefer the comfort and feel of traditional wood handles.


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