The distinctive hollow socket design of ‘GO THROUGH’ ratchets and sockets make the ‘GO THROUGH’ socketry system ideal for long fixings.

The design lets the socket and ratchet driver run down the length of the threaded bolt to reach the fastener and reach fixings that conventional deep sockets, cannot reach.

All sockets are driven from the edges the fixings to pass through the head and avoid the depth restriction of conventional sockets and ratchets. The slim profile design and overall height is reduced by as much as 50% and the width by 20% when compared against standard sockets, and ratchets, whilst the thin wall and arch design of the sockets increase driving torque by up to 40%. All ‘GO THROUGH’ socketry is manufactured from hardened and tempered chrome vanadium steel for added strength.

Incredibly useful for automotive, technicians working on classic cars and older vehicles, which were not designed with access in mind, and for use with extra long threaded rods used in suspended ceiling installation for example.


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