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You may think, choosing the right screwdriver only has one necessity, what size tip do I need! But there are other requirements which need considering. Type of screwdriver tip is the obvious starting place, but with an ever-expanding choice of fastenings being developed the need for a suitable screwdriver is greater than ever. With this in mind where do you start?

As we’re renowned for screwdrivers (you’re already at the best place), and we have years of knowledge gathered we’re in pole position to provide advice. For example, professional electricians only use certified VDE screwdrivers when working on live electric circuits as all our electricians VDE screwdrivers are certified to the EN 60900 standard, guaranteeing peace of mind and safety. Or mechanics requiring screwdrivers that can be hit with a hammer like our ’pound thru’ screwdrivers featuring solid shafts that help absorb the shock when being struck by the hammer, whilst some of our traditional screwdrivers are fitted with hex joints enabling spanners to be attached for additional torque to be applied on hard to remove screws on vehicle engines
perfect when a air powered ratchetis not to hand.

Another factor to consider is the material the screwdriver is made from. Our entire screwdriver range are specifically designed for a variety of different trades and manufactured to reflect this. All are made from one of four distinctive steel grades including S2 steel, CR-V (chrome vanadium steel), SVCM and SVCM+ steel. These steels qualities all have unique features and benefits enabling the perfect screwdriver to be developed.

S2: According to the AISI classification system, shock-resisting steels are designated as group ‘S’ steels. All ‘S’ steels have a higher strength composition than standard steel.

CR.V: Chrome Vanadium steel formed by alloying Chrome Vanadium with steel. This provides the steel with properties ideally suited for high-stress applications.

SVCM: Made by blending carbon, silicon, magnesium, nickel, chromium, molybdenum and lead to create a metal featuring a host of qualities including high strength and ductility.

SVCM+: Steel encompassing all the features demonstrated in SVCM steel, enhanced by quenching and tempering, enabling the SVCM+ steel to reach HRC59 hardness.

This attention to detail is why professionals trust us, and because our screwdriver selection has something for everyone including mechanics, electricians, engineers, carpenters etc; choosing the right screwdriver makes work a little more gratifying.


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