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Air Compressors, Air Tools and Accessories

As a leading supplier of air tools, air compressors and air tool accessories, our range of air compressors fulfil a host of requirements for workshops and garages, through to powerful and reliable professional models ideal for heavy-duty industrial applications.

This selection includes belt drive compressors, direct drive compressors and mini compressors. All are made to the highest standards providing durable, robust machines packed with the latest features.

Air compressors work by converting the power that’s stored within pressurized air into energy, allowing the forces generated to be harnessed by air-powered tools. There are two types of mechanisms that harness this power. One turns a rotor on the motor of the air tool, and as the compressed air flows through the tool turns the rotor, causing the motor to turn, producing torque relative to the pressure of the air delivered. Tools with air powered motors include, air drills, air grinders, air cut off tools, air sanders, air impact wrenches, air polishers, air ratchets etc.

The second mechanism works by driving air either side of a piston in a cylinder in turn, propelling the piston forwards and backwards. This percussive action is ideal for air nibblers, air nailers-staplers, air hammers and air saws.

These qualities help deliver air power for a variety of applications, such as tyre inflation, paint-spraying. And don’t forget we stock a wide range of air fittings, air hoses and air tool accessories to help you get the most out of your air compressor.


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