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Heritage Range Gardening Tools

Draper Tools have been supplying tools since the company was founded in 1919. We fully appreciate our heritage and have developed a range of gardening tools that celebrates our pride. We call it, the heritage range. The Heritage Range of Gardening Tools are all manufactured using modern techniques, which when reinforced with the traditional build quality of yesteryear, delivers several advantages, the benefits include improved longevity of the tools and enriched comfort, which in turn provides a superior performance for the user. All heritage range gardening tools have solid wood handles, and the range of gardening tools includes, Border Shears, Hand Cultivators, Garden Forks, Garden Hoes, Lawn Edgers, Garden Loppers, Garden Rakes, Secateurs, Shears, Garden Spades, Trowels, Garden Weeders and Pruning Knives. Every gardening product in the heritage range, has been built to last, using modern materials and manufacturing techniques and include all the essential gardening tools required for garden maintenance.


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