Auto Express Magazine “Best Tool Chest” – Draper Tools 24″ Roller Cabinet / Tool Chest and 26″ Tool Chest win Recommended

Draper Tools win Recommended in the Auto Express “Best Tool Chest” review.

Both our 24″ Combined Roller Cabinet & Tool Chest – stock no.19566  and our 26″ Tool Chest – stock no. 14910 won the coveted RECOMMENDED award.  Read the magazine’s comments below.

Draper 24″ Combined Roller Cabinet & Tool Chest, Stock No: 19566


Rating: 4.5/5

“You have to ‘free’ the chest from behind a side panel in the cabinet, but when you’ve sorted the various fasteners and castors you have a huge amount of storage at a great price – less than half its nearest rivals’. It doesn’t have the small drawers we’d like, although there’s a good mix of deep and shallow storage, as well as space for boxed kit like power tools. There’s no auto locking or lining for the drawers – but for light users this unit is a bargain.”

Draper 26″ Tool Chest, Stock No: 14910


Rating: 4/5

“This Draper has many of the same desirable features as our winner – not least the six small drawers. The lined drawers run smoothly” but “it lacks the test winner’s tote tray, although some users may think that is a nuisance rather than an asset. The drawers are a little deeper, but our compression tester rubbed on the shallow ones. The chest is also around 6kg lighter, making it a better option for carrying around.”

Auto Express, March 2019.

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