3 Tonne Light Duty Trolley Jack Awarded ‘Recommended’ by Auto Express


The November 2nd 2016 edition of Auto Express Magazine tested a range of Trolley Jacks, awarding the Draper 3 Tonne Light Duty Trolley Jack (stock number 27635) with their “Recommended” Accolade.

“Whether you’re changing brake pads, rotating tyres or checking the suspension for leaks, you’ll need to raise your car off the ground. But the jack in the boot isn’t ideal for maintenance and repair work; these devices are never very easy to use, and are meant for emergencies only due to their lightweight construction. A trolley jack, which rolls easily under the vehicle and is stronger than an old-fashioned scissor jack, is much safer and quicker, although it should still always be used with axle stands. So which is the one to give your car maintenance a lift? We pumped up nine to find out.”

Draper 3 Tonne Light Duty Trolley Jack 27635


The second of our three-tonne jacks, the Draper was really similar to the Sealey on performance and spec. It too had a larger-than-usual saddle, at 70mm, which makes it less likely to slip. Combined with a long, wide chassis, this design was stable and inspired confidence. The instructions were spot-on, with plenty of easy-to-understand photos and diagrams. Its 305mm span was the joint best here, as was the 440mm maximum height.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Auto Express Magazine, 2nd November 2016

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