Car Mechanics Magazine Award 3 Tonne Trolley Jack Recommended Product

16407 trolley jack car mechanics recommended product 2017
The September 2017 issue of Car Mechanics Magazine performed a product test on a range of 2.5 – 3 tonne trolley jacks. They tested the products on their build quality, cost, ease of use, features and useful lifting height. Our 3 Tonne Heavy Duty Trolley Jack with Twin Pistons (stock number 16407) was included in the test, scoring 5/5 along with a “recommended product” award. The review highlighted the jacks twin piston features, quality and tough protective padding.

Draper Heavy Duty 3 Tonne Trolley Jack (stock no 16407)

Despite its higher price tag… …the extra outlay can be justified by the hydraulics featuring twin pistons which we found reduced the force required to be exerted on the handle; this is useful if you have to lift especially weighty vehicles regularly. We also appreciated the built-in quick-lift facility – unlike the Halfords/Kennedy jacks, this doesn’t increase the jack’s width or chassis height – which allows the saddle to be positioned quickly and easily because it does not drop. A rubber pad is included on the wide saddle, too. We liked the comprehensive instructions, which includes detailed maintenance guides and exploded diagrams…

…buyers would not be disappointed by this high-quality impressive tool…

Vital stats:
Length: 682mm, Width: 344mm, Min/Max saddle heights: 133mm/465mm.

-Rob Marshall, Car Mechanics Magazine, September 2017.

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