355mm 2000W 230V Chop Saw – Tool Business + Hire Review


The latest edition of Tool Business and Hire Magazine published an independent product review written by Peter Brett on our “355mm 2000W 230V Chop Saw (76211)“. The review highlights pros of the saw including its size, power & usability.

” … There are some tools that are indispensable – like cordless drills and circular saws for carpenters. The Draper Abrasive Cut-Off Saw is in this category for metal, stone and masonry workers. Used on site or in the workshop, its considerable cutting power would be invaluable … ”

“It is a big, heavy machine (20Kgs) as is appropriate for its uses – but it has a total footprint of only 47 by 27 cms so can easily fit onto a fixed or portable bench. The big rubberized carry handle placed right in the middle, above the weight of the motor, is well placed for relatively easy carrying – I certainly wouldn’t want to lug it too far – but hulkier users than me would find it much easier. A robust lock pin locks the head down for easier transportation.

Pretty well all that the user has to do to get the machine useable out of the box, is to attach the four rubber feet and mount the appropriate cutting disc for its intended use. Some observant users might notice that one of the rubber feet has a metal shield around it to protect it from the danger of fire from sparks generated when cutting some materials.

Clearly metal cutting discs are different for those intended to cut bricks or stone. Attaching the disc is easy and takes only a few minutes. A robust screw needs to be released so that the cover plate can be rotated backwards to reveal the spindle bolt. Using the spindle-locking pin, this bolt can be unscrewed and the disc mounted. Then the bolt is simply tightened to a suitable torque with the spanner supplied. It is held captive by a spring at the back of the base.”

Read the full review at: http://www.toolbusiness.co.uk/index.php/draper-abrasive-cut-off-saw