3W COB LED Worklight (15393) Awarded Recommended – Professional Driver Magazine

professsional driver 15393 awardThe February 2017 Edition of Professional Driver Magazine performed a product test on a range of mini inspection lamps, awarding the Draper 3W COB LED Worklight ‘Recommended’.

… Output is everything when it comes to lamps, but ultimate brightness is only one factor: it’s equally important, for DIY duties, that the light beam is wide and even. And it’s a benefit, for chauffeuring use, if there’s also a torch mode, which focuses the light into a brighter and narrower beam. For DIY jobs, lamps that have to be handheld are pretty useless. So we prefer models with a good selection of stands, magnets, and hooks which allow easy positioning. Finally lamps that have more than one output level obviously squeeze more running time from their batteries…

3W COB LED Worklight (15393) – Recommended

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Definitely our recommendation if you want big lighting power for the least cash. Quite frankly it’s astonishing just how brilliant this lamp’s output is, both in terms of brightness, width and evenness of beam. Moving away from brilliance and that giveaway price, the rest of the unit is a mixed bag. The smart anodised aluminium finish and tiny size are great. But the sole positioning aid for work lamp duties-a single weakly magnetised clip-isn’t.

-James Stanbury, Professional Driver Magazine – February 2017

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