5 Piece Carbon Steel Mini Pliers Set Awarded ‘Best Buy’ – Auto Express


The August 2016 edition of Auto Express Magazine tested a range of Pliers Sets, awarding the 5 Piece Carbon Steel Mini Plier Set with their “2016 BEST BUY” Accolade.

“Combination pliers are a staple of a good toolkit; but they’re also a jack of all trades, and a master of none. Sidecuts are much easier for cable snipping than trying to coax a wire to the blade at the bottom of a set of combi’s jaws. And cutters at the tips of the jaws are invaluable when snipping cables in difficult-to-reach locations. Similarly, long-nose pliers – and their angled cousins – are unbeatable for retrieving components from dark recesses. Just as well, when that full pliers kits are now just as affordable as single tools. But does quantity mean a reduction in quality? We tried eight to find out.”


With the longest tool in the set measuring just 150mm end to end, and most averaging around 125mm, these are technically classed as mini pliers. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less usable than their full-size cousins. In fact, as super-useful end-cutting and long-cranked nose variants are included, this is easily the most versatile kit here. Couple all this with decent, well shaped grips – which prevent the compact size reducing the amount of hand power you can apply – a smooth sprung action and sharp blades, and this is an obvious winner.


Draper’s 33057 takes the top award for versatility and overall quality. Yamoto’s YMT-558-9850K is a cracking kit for less than £15. Clarke’s PRO97 also secures a podium places as a good all-rounder.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Auto Express Magazine, 3rd August 2016

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