A Family Brand You Can Really Trust

In these days of massive global corporations and profit over everything else, here at Draper we like to think it’s important to see a traditional family run firm, offering superior quality products, still thriving. Over the best part of a century, Draper Tools have been offering the finest quality tool ranges to tradesmen and craftsmen in the UK and worldwide – all based on the high standards and values that made the company’s name all those years ago.


Draper Tools was started by Bert Draper in Kingston-upon-Thames back in 1919, the business relocated to Chandler’s Ford in 1963 under the management of Bert’s son Norman. Since 1994, the company has been run by Norman’s son John. It’s a family business in the true sense of the word, with John’s sons Tom and Joe now actively involved.

Today, here at Draper we offer one of the most comprehensive tool ranges in Europe, and through partnerships with continental firms such as Elora and Knipex, the range continues to grow and expand, sacrificing nothing in terms of build quality.

Specialising in tools for the automotive, industrial, construction and garden markets, we cover virtually all the bases. So, if there’s a job that needs doing in the house, garden or garage, you can bet there’s a top quality Draper tool to make it easier.

Draper Tools has won various awards over the years for its products, achieving accolades for high quality from industry experts such as Auto Express, Car Mechanics and Practical Woodworking magazines, to mention just a few.

Whether you’re working on bikes, cars, building or simply need some protective clothing for dirty jobs, then you can’t go wrong with Draper Tools. But you don’t just have to take our word for it. It doesn’t take long to find someone willing to add their glowing testimony to the millions of already satisfied customers. We’ve asked around a range of craftspeople and industrial employees for their opinions of Draper products, and almost to a man we got the same response. Below are just a few snippets of what we found out through customers of Protec Direct:

Protec Direct has been selling Draper Tools products since 2011 and their customers always swear by their quality. Find out more about Protec Direct’s relationship with Draper Tools.



Durman Stearn Ltd., civil engineers, told us that they always use Draper Tools products to assist them in all their projects. They especially value the quality of Draper Protective wear, including boots, gloves, trousers, as well as jerry cans and buckets. On one of their most recent projects, The Old Arboretum Self-build Project, they found that Draper Tools once again performed exactly as they wanted.

durman-stearnImage: Durman Stearn employees working on the Old Arboretum Self-build Project







Production manager Daniel from D & D Precast says that he always buys gloves from Draper because of the competitive pricing, another key reason for Draper’s success. D & D are involved in the production of quality precast concrete and reconstructed stone (all manufactured to British institute specifications). So, if anyone is going to know about the need for good quality, heavy-duty work wear that offers great protection it is going to be these guys.

d-and-d-precastImage: D & D Precast’s uses precast concrete to create materials to build with, and construct structures such as this house porch.



Ewen Allen from Tidy Gardens Ltd, based in Fife, swears by the gloves that Draper provide. Tidy Gardens is small landscaping and gardening company, so Ewen should know about the need for good gloves. He says he’s never been cut by thorns through the gloves and that Draper gloves are competitively priced in comparison to other brands.




espscotlandESP Scotland Ltd specialise in playground equipment, design and installation, as well as CPD training. These specialist engineering projects are a little outside of the ordinary and involve complex planning and high skill levels to carry out. ESP says they always use safety equipment and protective equipment from Draper when working on their projects to offer staff the best protection.

Image: Lots of preparation goes into the construction of these playground designs and safety products are well use throughout the process.



Groundwork North Wales run many community projects and offer people young and old volunteering sessions on projects, such as developing a community garden or allotments, helping to improve school grounds or community play areas, in an effort to produce a greener, cleaner and tidier environment for people to enjoy.

septAnna Pollard, the Marketing & Communications Coordinator comments: “The tools that Draper Tools provide are top notch, and are really user friendly. Our volunteers have particularly enjoyed using the hand tools provided by Draper Tools, and have increased their learning development about building projects or solving problems.”

gardenerThat’s a ringing endorsement from a community project that, as well as doing something beneficial for the wider community also has to consider the safety and well-being of everyone involved. Some of Groundwork’s projects include the Community Garden Network developing over 12 community gardens in Wrexham and Flintshire offering volunteer opportunities and new skills to people in the area. Also engagement gateway programmes, engaging older people in practical volunteering and developing new employability skills such as our Lein Amwlch project dedicated to reopening the Anglesey Central railway.

So, as you can see, Groundwork’s projects involve a lot of people who all need to be kept as safe as possible while learning new skills. The fact that Groundwork put so much faith in Draper Tools products is a prime example of the kind of reputation Draper has with its customers and across the board.

railwayIn a world where quality is so often sacrificed for price and where the bottom line is all-important, we think the fact a family-run and value-based company like Draper is not just surviving, but thriving is very special. With a balanced emphasis on quality and price, Draper Tools continue to occupy a big place in the market. All the while we aim to impress and satisfy our customers in the ways we’ve described above, and this looks set to continue.

Check Draper Tool’s full range and you’ll soon see why we have so many happy customers across the UK. Whether you’re a large or small business, a DIY enthusiast or work for a community project, Draper is a brand you can trust. Just as it has been for almost 100 years.


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