Agricultural Essentials at Great Prices

Draper Tools Agricultural Promotion

Draper Tools has introduced a brand new Agricultural Hand and Power Tools Promotion, featuring over 50 pages of great deals.

There are fantastic prices on a range of products to help keep farms running smoothly, including vehicle servicing tools, lifting equipment, pullers and pumps, shovels, fencing tools, generators, space heaters, power tools and more.

Draper Expert Ground Buster® - 1450mm Long Stock No: 18250

Included in the promotion is the popular Ground Buster® from the Draper Expert range. This agricultural essential is ideal for breaking up hard ground including tree roots, solid clay, concrete and rocks. It features heavy duty carbon steel construction and an internal sliding weight that gives a secondary impact to help prevent jarring in the hands, wrists, shoulders, back and neck.


Draper Expert Multi-Purpose Polypropylene Shovel Stock No: 19174

For livestock farmers with animals to feed, there’s a Multi-Purpose Polypropylene Shovel. Manufactured from one piece of polypropylene, this Expert Quality heavy duty shovel is easy to keep clean and sterile as there are no joins for bacteria to get into. It’s also ideal for use with wood chips, snow, grain, farm waste and compost.


These are just a few of the handy agricultural essentials available at great prices in the latest Draper Tools promotion, there’s so much more to see including protective clothing, garden tools, security products and lighting options. To explore the full range for yourself, take a look at the promotion here.

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