Amateur Gardening Magazine Review A Range of Pressure Washers

28018 Pressure Washer

The April 4th Issue of Amateur Gardening Magazine performed a product test on a range of Pressure Washers and gave the 1700W 230V Pressure Washer with Total Stop Feature (28018) a rating of 13/15.

” … Cleaning the driveway, sprucing up decking and removing mud from a car is a lot quicker and easier with a pressure washer. For best results you should choose one with a high enough pressure for the job you have in mind, plus the right accessories … ”

“Features 5/5

Compact with 1700W power output, maximum pressure of 110bar and 6ltr/min flow rate. Supplied with 16ft 5 in(5m) of hose, gun, lance with interchangeable turbo or fixed jet head, detergent bottle and brush. Includes total stop system. Weight: 15lb (6.8kg).

Performance 4/5

Simple assembly involved clicking the handle and wheels into place – not that the wheels are really needed on this model. Coped weel with light duties, like car washing and pushing dried soil from the wheelbarrow, but was slow to strip lichen from the driveway.

Value 4/5

Good all-rounder.