Amateur Gardening Tests the Draper Expert Combination 6 Step Aluminium Ladder – Stock No. 04675


The 13th September 2014 issue of Amateur Gardening Magazine recently tried & tested a range of multipurpose combi ladders and gave the Draper Expert Combination 6 Step Aluminium Ladder, Stock No.04675 an overall score of 13 out of 15.

Features – 5/5 Stars
“Can be configured as an A-frame (with or without extension), single ladder and three ladder extension. EN131 standard, supports up to 23st 8lb (150kg). Weight: 19lb 13oz (9kg). Height: 5ft 5in (1.65m) as a single ladder, 8ft 11in (2.72m) as an extended step and 12ft 6in (3.82m) fully extended. Supplied with stabiliser bar for fitting when required.”

Performance – 4/5 Stars
“Handled pretty much everything we tried and really excelled as an A-frame with extension. Although only standing on the second rung of the extension, having something to lean against was reassuring. Brilliant for gutters or painting fascias. Mechanisms to lock the ladders were a little stiff, however.”

Value – 4/5 Stars
“An excellent performer at this price point; strong and yet light.”

Amateur Gardening, May 2014

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