Amateur Gardening Tests the Draper Leather Apron – Stock No. 09699


The May edition of Amateur Gardening Magazine recently tried & tested a range of garden aprons and gave the Draper Leather Apron, Stock No.09699 an overall score of 11 out of 15.

Features – 4/5 Stars
“A heavy duty, full-length suede leather apron with neck loops and ties. Beautifully made with double stitching and fabric edging, a small pocket is provided on the bib. Size 33in (84cm) long x 20 1/2in (52cm) wide.”

Performance – 4/5 Stars
“Quite a masculine product that would also be useful in the workshop. Longer length meant it gave excellent coverage for wet tasks and proved hard wearing and waterproof (though it took some time to dry)”.

Value – 3/5 Stars
“Very high quality with a variety of uses”.

Amateur Gardening, May 2014

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