Are you wearing the right colour hard hat?

Draper Tools Hard Hats in new regulation colours

A new colour coding system for hard hats came into force for the UK construction industry in January 2017. The new regulations apply to all new construction sites and existing construction sites where feasible.

Build UK created the new Safety Helmet Colours Standard in consultation with its members, to make it easier to identify on-site personnel and improve communication. The four new colours of hard hat reflect roles and level of responsibility of on site workers, with the overall aim of improving safety on site.
The new colour code is as follows:

Black: Supervisor
Orange: Slinger/Signaller
White: Site Manager/Competent Operative/Vehicle Marshall (distinguished by the wearing of a different coloured vest)
Blue: All those coming to site who do not fall into any of the above categories

Are you wearing the right colour hard hat? Draper Tools stocks all the new hard hat colours to help you stay safe and compliant on site. See the full range of hard hats, which all conform to EN 397 specifications here.

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