Auto Express Awards ‘Recommended’ to the Draper Expert 3 Piece Soft Grip Heavy Duty Pliers Set – Stock No. 69289

Expert 3 Piece Heavy Duty Soft Grip Pliers Set Stock No. 69289

The July Special Issue of Auto Express performed a product test on a range of screwdrivers and pliers, aimed at DIY car enthusiasts and concluded that the Draper Expert 3 Piece Heavy Duty Soft Grip Pliers Set (Stock No.69289), be awarded the RECOMMENDED 2014 accolade.

“If you want a case to hold your pliers and cutters, this is our pick. Out of the box the twin-compound rubber handles are comfortable and grippy. They were easy to use when stripping insulation, although the set was at its limit in some of the cutting tests. It provides a decent balance between price and performance.”


Auto Express Special Issue 16/07/14.

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