Auto Express Commend Draper 2 & 3 Tonne Trolley Jacks

27635-27634The Latest “Special Issue” of Auto Express performed a product test on a range of Trolley Jacks commending both our 3 Tonne Light Duty Trolley Jack & our 2 Tonne Light Duty Jack.


“There are still plenty of DIY jobs you can carry out on your car, but some involve getting it up in the air, so a trolley jack should be top of your list of must-have tools. Although some cars come equipped with a jack in the boot, this is designed for changing wheels at the roadside, not regular use. We assessed our trolley jacks based on their lifting range, plus the number of strokes they took to raise the car 200mm.”


Draper 3 Tonne Light Duty Trolley Jack 27635
OUR favourite of the jacks which can lift up to three tonnes – this is the pick for those with heavy cars, 4x4s or vans. Due to its suitability for large vehicles, this Draper jack felt sturdier than rivals here, although it was bulkier as a result. Lifting was easiest of all our jacks, due to its long handle. Fully extended, it can reach an impressive 440mm.


Draper 2 Tonne Light Duty Trolley Jack 27634
The smaller brother to the three-tonne Draper jacks gets the nod as our budget pick. Its efficient pumping action made raising the jack easy, needing fewer strokes than the other Draper option, although it did require more effort than rivals to lift once it had our car suspended. Even so, safety instructions are clear, and it’s great value for money.

Auto Express – June 2015.