Auto Express Magazine Product Awards – Draper Storm Force® 20V Cordless Hammer Drill with Two Li-ion Batteries (Stock No.89523)

Storm Force® 20V Cordless Hammer Drill with Two Li-ion Batteries

Auto Express ran a ‘mini test’ in their October Special edition featuring cordless drills. Our Storm Force drill had missed their recent multi-test issue (issue 1, 529) but was found to have been worthy and the RECOMMENDED award given here was proved to be justified.  Read their comments below.

Draper 20V Cordless Hammer Drill with Two Li-ion Batteries, Stock No: 89523.

The Storm Force is a stylish, well-made drill that features Draper’s interchange battery system, where one powerpack fits a range of products. The hard plastic case includes two 2Ah batteries and a one-hour quick charger. Two speeds is typical of the breed, with a maximum of 440rpm and 1,400rpm, and the 22 torque settings match the Hitachi’s. It weighs almost the same as its rival and the left or right-handed grip is welcome. While it’s not quite as well balanced, because it’s 50mm longer, it’s wieldy in use. Our five-minute wire-brushing test works batteries hard and took its toll here; just one of the three LEDs was lit (10-25 per cent) afterwards. Higher-capacity 4Ah batteries are available, but cost more, Still, this is a very impressive drill at a keen price.”

AutoExpress, October Special, 2018.

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