Draper Tools launches its biggest range of modular Eva Foam Insert Trays

Draper Tools EVA Foam Insert Tray

Here at Draper Tools we’re pleased to announce the launch of our biggest ever range of 52 modular mix & match EVA Foam Insert Trays, allowing you to get the tools you need quickly and easily. These trays are designed to fit both Draper Tools and Draper Expert tool chests, as well as similar tool chests from other manufacturers.

Designed for the busy workshop, these high-quality inserts allow you to locate the exact tool each and every time, improving productivity. Gone are the days of digging through the cabinet trying to find that elusive 10mm spanner or 13mm socket, with these CNC machined drawer inserts you know exactly where the right tool is! You can even see what’s missing after the job – thanks to the dual colour EVA foam which shows exactly what has been left behind. This is essential to protect from FOD (Foreign Object Damage) in complex machinery or aeronautics.

The modular design allows a mixture of differently sized trays to fill a cabinet drawer. Trays come in quarter, half, three quarter and full and “full-plus” (for roll cab drawers) sizes, making a wide range of tool kit combinations possible.

The quarter drawer inserts have a cleverly designed removeable section allowing them to even fit into third width drawer sizes with ease.

Draper Toosl EVA foam Insert Trays

The new Eva Foam Insert Tray range is precision cut by CNC machinery, with each cavity being purpose designed for each tool, to ensure a perfect fit. High quality, dual colour ‘Closed Cell’ Eva Foam is used for the trays so they don’t absorb liquids. Each insert is fully resistant to workshop fluids such as oils, fuels or brake fluid. The trays are easy to clean too, should they get dirty, simply use a normal workshop pressure cleaner.

In the new Draper Tools range, you’ll also find Eva Insert Infill Trays designed to help organise other workshop essentials like screws, nuts and bolts. These are ideal for filling space in tool chests and storing loose items safely.

To see this comprehensive range for yourself, contact your Draper Tools representative or browse the range here.


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