Britain’s biggest home-improvement hang ups


You might have seen some of our recent home-improvement research, carried out for the launch of our new Redline range of tools. We looked at the nation’s home-improvement skills and the tasks people struggled with and have used this information to start to bring you a few handy how-to videos. What our research showed is that despite some insecurities, people do want to still take up the challenge of improving what’s around them and putting their mark on their homes – which is great to see!

Here are the home-improvement jobs the British public told us they struggle with most:

1. Removing a radiator
2. Fixing a leaky tap
3. Replacing cracked tiles
4. Changing a light fixture
5. Hanging wallpaper
6. Changing a tyre
7. Painting the exterior of your house
8. Patching a hole in the wall
9. Putting up a shelf or wardrobe
10. Basic bicycle repairs
11. Bleeding a radiator
12. Wiring a plug
13. Checking tyre pressure and tread depth
14. Filling in the cracks or chips in a wall
15. Pruning the right plants in the garden

Do you agree with this list? What do you find most challenging when it comes to home-improvements and repairs – we’d love to hear your views. You can see more of our research here and if you’re feeling inspired to tackle a few home-improvements, why not take a look at our handy Redline range?

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