Car Mechanics Awards ‘Best Budget Buy’ to the Draper 12v Battery Charger/starter and Tester – Stock No. 66801


Car Mechanics Magazine recently tested a range of Battery Chargers and concluded that the magazine’s ‘Best Budget Buy’ accolade be awarded to the Draper 12V Battery Charger/Starter and Tester – 26A Stock No.66801

“This is definitely the baby of the group – it even looks like a standard battery charger. But size-wise and price-wise it’s ideal for DIYers who’ll only use it occasionally, hence the Best Budget Buy award. It also features a useful voltage check facility, so you can determine with certainty whether laboured cranking is due to flat battery or earth/starter circuit problems. Naturally, being so compact, output is considerably less than other units. Maximum start boost is 60 Amps, but maximum charge current remains respectable at 26 Amp. So it’s certainly feasible to rapidly charge a dead battery to some kind of life to assist that relatively low maximum boost output”.

Car Mechanics Magazine, February 2013

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