Car Mechanics Awards ‘Recommended Product’ to the Draper 37 Piece Metric Tap and Die Set – Stock No. 79203


The May edition of Car Mechanics magazine performed a product test on a range of tap and die sets and awarded the ‘Recommended Product’ accolade to the 37 piece Metric Tap and Die Set, Stock No.79203.

“Essentially a cut-down version of the Best Buy (Stock No.79205), but the basic formula is the same and just as good. The taps and dies cover eight sizes: M3-M12. But there are actually 16 taps, because there’s a secondary taper and a plug tap for each size. This product’s real strength is that it ticks so many boxes.

– Sharp, precise and durable HSS construction? Yes.
– Easy-to-start split, rather than solid, dies? Yes.
– A case that keeps everything where it should? Yes.

You also get a thread pitch gauge and T-handle tap holder.”

Car Mechanics Magazine, May 2014

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