Car Mechanics Awards ‘Recommended Product’ to the Draper Expert 3/4″ Sq. Dr. Socket Set with Extendable Ratchet – Stock No. 02578


The November edition of Car Mechanics magazine recently tested a range of 3/4″ square drive socket sets and awarded the ‘Recommended Product’ accolade to the Draper Expert 17 piece 3/4″ Sq. Dr. Metric Socket Set with Extendable Ratchet, Stock No.02578.

“If you think the price is high for just 12 sockets, bear in mind that they’re Hex pattern. As well as improving the grip on metric nuts and bolts, Hex sockets will reliably drive similar sized AF fasteners, too. Other points we like are the 48 position ratchet, the ratchet’s nifty extending lever – giving up to a massive 78cm of leverage – the breaker bar and the ever useful Universal Joint. Again this set looks the part thanks to that metal tin”.

Car Mechanics Magazine, November 2013