Car Mechanics Magazine – Draper 10W COB LED Rechargeable Worklight (600 Lumen), Stock No.15384

Car Mechanics Magazine performed a product test on a range of LED underbonnet and worklights and gave our  10W COB LED Rechargeable Worklight (stock no.15384) their “Best Buy” accolade.

Draper 10W COB LED Rechargeable Worklight

Stock Number: 15384

BEST BUY Draper’s worklight is very similar in size and specification to the Clarke offering, except it’s £10 dearer. For the extra tenner, you get an unnoticeable 50 lumens less lighting from a 3.7-volt 2.2Ah lithium-ion battery which provides 2.5 hours of lighting and takes five hours to recharge. It seems that what you are really paying for is four useful magnets attached to the base of the feet, enabling it to be secured to the underside of a bonnet, a chassis leg or anything else that’s metal. There are rubber pads covering the magnets to help protect whatever they touch. The magnets aren’t particularly strong – we managed to knock our light and it fell to the ground, bending one of its brackets – fortunately, it could be bent back into shape. It seems to be durable and it’s light enough to carry around, but is it worth the extra £10? We think so and decided to award it the Best Buy.

7 / 10

Car Mechanics, April 2018.