Car Mechanics Magazine Recommend Nitrile Gloves 63764

Car Mechanics Magazine performed a product test on a range of disposable nitrile gloves and gave our Heavyweight Nitrile Gloves, (Stock No.63764) their “Recommended Product” accolade along with an overall rating of 8/10. See an excerpt of the product test below.


“These gloves were favoured by our MOT examiner, who found he could rub brake pipes and tyres with them without them tearing, unlike the cheaper latex gloves he usually wears. Plus, he managed to make one pair last a full week! One of our mechanics found that two pairs would usually last a full day and that, even if they did tear, they didn’t split open as quickly as the blue nitrile types. In addition, the raised dimples on the surface of the gloves helped to grip objects.

These gloves are clearly longer-lasting than the cheaper blue nitrile gloves but, at over five times the price, they need to be. If you can make them last, they can potentially represent better value for money.”

Score: 8/10

Car Mechanics, August 2018.