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The Draper Tools “DraperTV” channel has a number of videos that help demonstrate their wide range of products.

Draper Expert MULTI-DRIVE® Sockets
[youtube] Draper Expert MULTI-DRIVE® sockets combine 6 patterns in one universal socket pattern. Each socket has 12 extra wide flutes on the inner walls and are capable of driving: hexagon, metric and AF bi-hexagon, Draper TX-STAR and similar […]

Draper Expert MULTI-DRIVE® Sockets

Draper Expert 'GO THROUGH' Sockets
[youtube] The unique hollow technology of Draper Expert ‘GO THROUGH’ ratchets and sockets are ideal for long fixings, as they allow a fixing to pass directly through the ratchet head and socket, and avoid the depth restrictions of […]

Draper Expert ‘GO THROUGH’ Sockets

Induction Heat Tool - 76171
[youtube] High powered 3.5kW, high specification, liquid cooled industrial induction heater. Designed for industrial workshops where controlled, safe and efficient heating of ferrous and some non-ferrous metals is required. Instantaneous heat with a precise focusing tip for accurate […]

Induction Heat Tool – 76171

quality and reliability from draper tools
[youtube] Find out why so many industries and tradespeople including mechanics, engineers, technicians, construction workers, farmers, and many more, all put their trust in Draper Tools. Want to be kept up to date with all our new products, […]

Quality and reliability from Draper Tools

2017 socketry range
[youtube] Our largest ever socketry range offers over 600 products to suit professionals or enthusiasts. Dependable and reliable with a lifetime warranty (contact us for full details). We offer a full selection of individual Hi Torq sockets and […]

Draper 2017 Socketry Range

How to use the semi automatic wheel balancer
[youtube] How to use the Draper Tools semi automatic wheel balancer. This semi-automatic, motorised wheel balancer can handle car wheel and tyre combinations up to 43 inches in diameter, or 65 kilos in weight. It’s also supplied with […]

Semi Automatic Wheel Balancer

Storm Force Power Tools
[youtube] Our new range of Storm Force power tools makes choosing the right tool easier whether you’re on site or a DIY’er. Feel the force that’s delivered in both the electric and cordless Storm Force range. Included within […]

Storm Force Power Tools

Ford and volvo trailing arm bush tool
[youtube] The expert quality, Ford and Volvo Trailing Arm Bush Tool allows allows you to rapidly remove and install, large and small patterned trailing arm bushes fitted to some Ford and Volvo vehicles, WITHOUT the need to remove […]

Ford and Volvo Trailing Arm Bush Tool

Roller Cabinets and Top Boxes
[youtube] Our range of top boxes and roller cabinets are all fitted with lid opening gas struts, ball bearing runners, one open drawer feature and heavy duty castors. The range is available in different levels to suit a […]

Roller Cabinets and Top Boxes

Cordless Garden Power Tools
[youtube] Introducing a practical range of lightweight, high powered, cordless garden power tools that are environmentally sensitive and don’t need any hazardous or expensive fuels to run.

Cordless Garden Power Tools

40A Plasma Cutter Kit
[youtube] Perfect for detailed repairs or fabrication in any electrically conductive material, easy to setup and use, producing clean, fast cuts through aluminium or mild and stainless steels. From thin 24 gauge sheet, up to an impressive 10 […]

40A Plasma Cutter Kit

12V Battery Charger Maintainer
[youtube] This clever device holds a battery’s charge, and prevents vehicle alarm systems from completely draining them. It’s mains powered and uses high frequency technology to charge and preserve 12 volt, AGM, Gel and lead acid batteries between […]

12V Battery Charger Maintainer

4w and 2w inspection lamps
[youtube] Our superior super bright 4w COB lamps feature an impressive output of 350 lumens with ultra violet LEDs on the end to help detect leaks in automotive air con and cooling systems. Other features such as two […]

4W & 2W COB LED Inspection Lamps

Tyre changer and Wheel balancer
[youtube] Provide a lucrative additional service to your own customers with this complete tyre fitting and wheel balancing solution from Draper Tools. The semi automatic tyre changer works with wheel rim diameters up to 23 inches, tyres up […]

Tyre Changer and Wheel Balancer

venom handsaws
[youtube] A comprehensive range of triple and double ground, first or second fix handsaws perfectly suited for the tradesman. Each saw blade is manufactured from high quality 1mm carbon steel, that’s been correctly hardened, tempered, straightened and stress […]

VENOM® Handsaws

steel mesh garden cart
[youtube] Perfectly designed for a host of garden related activities and capable of carrying loads up to 200kg, this steel mesh gardeners cart makes light work of moving heavy gardening material. Fitted with heavy-duty pneumatic wheels, its robust […]

Mesh Garden Cart

4 piece Track Rod Removal Tool - 42397
[youtube] This essential kit is designed for the quick and easy removal or installation of knuckle/ball joints on track rods. Knurled handle provides extra grip and three interchangeable heads offer complete versatility. Supplied with robust impact resistant plastic […]

4 piece Track Rod Removal Tool

Diesel Fuel Filter Tools
[youtube] Make diesel fuel filter changes quick and easy with these filter tools. Designed to fit over 50 different engines ranging from 1.3 up to 3.0 litres, fitted to Vauxhall, Suzuki, Saab, Peugeot, Fiat, Citroën, Chevrolet and some […]

2 piece Diesel Fuel Filter Tools