Classics Monthly Awards ‘Test Winner’ to the Draper Expert 41 Piece 1/2″ Sq. Dr. Mm/af Combined Socket Set – Stock No. 24309

draper-expert-41-piece 1|2"-sq.-dr.-combined-socket-set-stock-no.24309

The February edition of Classics Monthly magazine recently tested a range of 1/2″ square drive imperial socket sets and awarded the ‘TEST WINNER’ accolade to the Draper Expert 41 piece 1/2″ Sq. Dr. MM/AF Combined Socket Set, Stock No.24309.

“The winning Draper set offers 12-point sockets with scope for sorting most of the likely imperial sizes you’ll encounter. The ratchet works well and the build quality is well worth the money.

We like…

– Consummate all-rounder kit with good quality ratchet and contents.

– 12-point sockets coped well with the imperial fittings we gave them.

Also worth considering…

Sockets not knurled but good ratchet quality helps

Classics Monthly, February 2014

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