Complete Kit Car Tests the Draper Expert 8 Piece Hi-torq® Metric Double Ratcheting Combination Spanner Set – Stock No. 04619


The October issue of Complete Kit Car magazine performed a tool test on ratchet spanners, that featured the Draper Expert 8 piece Hi-Torq® Metric Double Ratcheting Combination Spanner Set, Stock No.04619

“Draper supplied a combination set for this test which included conventional ring spanners and an open jaw spanner design. The open jaw end incorporates a time saving ratchet mechanism designed to avoid having to remove the spanner entirely from the work. As with the Sealey tools, this offers a great advantage over a conventional open-jawed spanner and can prove useful in those situations. Again, the spanner has to be used in a certain orientation and Draper has helped in this respect by engraving directional arrows on the open face. A slight change in the open end ratchet design here is the addition of a sprung guide cam inside the open jaw. This is at the point where the jaw is designed to slip around the work. The ratchet action seems slightly more assured than the Sealey equivalent and I can only conclude this small addition helps achieve this. The spanner seems tighter on the work, whilst still being able to slip around the work for easy adjustment. The ring end ratchet spanner is a standard ratchet design, again reversed by turning over the spanner, though other options are available with a reversible function. The ratchet design is smooth and offers engagement with just 5 degrees of movement. Surprisingly, unlike the open end, no directional arrow is included. The set is supplied in a plastic storage tray which can be wall hung, or would suit a too chest drawer.”

Product Code: 04619

Contents: 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 19mm

Other products in range: Draper Expert 8 Piece Hi-Torq® Metric Flexible Head Double Ratcheting Combination Spanner Set, Stock No.07034, Draper Expert 8 Piece Hi-Torq® Metric Reversible Double Ratcheting Combination Spanner Set, Stock No.07033, many spanner options also available individually.

Guarantee: Lifetime warranty

Expect to pay: £70-86 (list price £133 but many deals online)

Complete Kit Car Magazine, October 2014 Issue 93

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