Cutting-Edge Lighting Technology for the Workshop

Draper Expert 3W COB LED Rechargeable Magnetic Inspection Lamps

Brand new for the workshop is a range of Draper Expert 3W COB (Chip On Board) Rechargeable Magnetic Inspection Lamps, available in four different colours.

The COB LED light featured in these new lamps is at the cutting-edge of lighting technology, delivering super bright light and maximum efficiency.

The base of each lamp is manufactured with an integrated magnet allowing for hands free working, making these lamps ideal for a range of workshop tasks from engine inspections to tyre and wheel checks. There’s also a protective cover and swivel joint enabling the light to be used in any 360° position.

These versatile lamps are even fitted with an additional 7 LEDs on the end plate transforming the lamp into a torch when needed.

Powered by a rechargeable Li-ion battery the lamps provide an impressive 250 Lumens and enhanced battery efficiency.

Offering ultimate convenience, each lamp comes with two useful hang hooks, a 240V charger and a 12V charging adaptor. And as part of the Draper Expert range you can be sure that these lamps are tough, durable and built to last. For stockist details on this must have range for the workshop click the link above to view the product range. Product stock numbers for the range are: 431214321543246 and 43375 .

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