Cycling Essentials for Bike Week UK

Draper Tools Bicycle Tool Kit Stock No: 73186

Bike Week UK starts on the 13th June. It’s a fantastic national campaign promoting cycling, highlighting how cycling can easily be part of everyday life by encouraging ‘everyday cycling for everyone’. Check out the Bike Week UK website to find a cycling event near you.

Now that we’re seeing signs of warmer weather, it feels like there’s never been a better time to get out on the bicycle! Whether you’re a keen mountain biker, a cycling commuter or you just fancy a family bike ride it’s important to look after your bike and be safe when riding. Here at Draper Tools we’ve rounded up some top cycling essentials to help keep your bike in tip top condition and ensure you have a safe, enjoyable ride.


Draper Tools Bicycle Tool Kit Stock No: 73186

All emergencies covered

This brilliant Bicycle Tool Kit is a must for all cyclists. Featuring a puncture repair kit, a hand pump and an ingenious multi-tool with hex keys, a wrench, screwdrivers and spoke keys, this kit has virtually every cycling situation covered! It even comes with a compact canvas storage case for easy portability on the bike.



Draper Tools Bicycle Storage Stand Stock No: 3105

Easy Storage

Ensure that your pride and joy never slides down the garage wall into a crumpled heap with the Draper Tools Bicycle Storage Stand. It’s totally hands free, allowing you to simply roll your bike into the wheel slot for easy storage when you’re just back from a long ride.  It’s the perfect accessory to help keep your bike looking its best.



Draper Tools Front and Rear LED Bicycle Light Set Stock No: 24815

Be seen!

High quality bike lights are an essential for dark, misty or wet weather conditions, so choosing LED lights is a good idea as LED bulbs can last up to 50 times longer than standard ones. The Draper Tools Front and Rear LED Bicycle Light Set offers super bright 75 lumens LED front bicycle light and 1.5 lumen LED rear light with various lighting modes. The lights are fitted with quick release mounting clamp and frame protection strips. This set is just one the many handy bike lighting options available from Draper Tools, you can see the rest here.


Draper Expert Safety Spectacles with UV Protection and Flexible Frame Stock No: 11969

Eye Protection

There’s nothing more annoying than being hit in the eye by a stray stone or an insect when you’re on a ride. Many cyclists now wear protective glasses all year round. These Draper Expert Flexible Frame Safety Spectacles are very handy as they’re UV protective and have anti-scratch lenses too. The flexible frames mean they fit all faces comfortably.



Draper Tools Professional Bicycle Work Stand Stock No: 31054

Servicing Stand

For serious cycling enthusiasts there’s the professional quality Bicycle Work Stand for holding bicycle frames firmly – great for allowing easy access for servicing and tweaking or a really thorough clean and polish after a muddy ride. The 360° soft grip clamp and frame allows work at a comfortable height and the convenient integral tools tray keeps tools and parts close to hand. It’s easily folded away for storage and portability too.



Draper Tools Bicycle Chain Cleaning Set Stock No: 31053

Clean Bike Chains:

The Draper Tools Bicycle Chain Cleaning Set takes the hard work out of cleaning dirty bicycle chains. Simply clip over the chain and back pedal. The chain-cleaning unit consists of four internal brushes and a sponge for soaking up excess solvent. The set is completed with one brush and one sprocket scraper. It’s suitable for all bicycle chains including multi-speed and single-speed.



There are plenty more bicycle tools and accessories available from Draper Tools, you can see the full range here. To find out more about taking part in Bike Week UK visit

Happy cycling!

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