Land Rover Monthly Award Pro Choice To Draper Double Ended Ratchet Set

Land Rover Monthly award 07034 'Pro Choice'The September issue of Land Rover Monthly performed a product test on a range of flexible ratchet spanners awarding the Draper double ended ratchet set (stock number: 07034) “Pro Choice”.

Gary Stretton performed the product test on 5 sets looking out for the following features: direction of travel indicators, double ratchet ends, open end ratchets and incremental turns.

Draper Double Ended Ratchet Set

This clever ratchet is double-ended and even the open spanner end has a ratchet action, so no need to remove the spanner to create the next turn. It’s ideal for fixings that take up all available space once undone, which would trap a closed ratchet or ring spanner. The flexible head offers good resistance to help it stay at the angle you set it to. The ratchet function on the closed end is smooth, while the open end ratchet is easily mastered.

Key features:

  • 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 17 and 19 mm size
  • Ratcheting open-end design
  • HI-TORQ® 12-point socket drive helps grip damaged fixing
  • 180° flexible head
  • Ratchet ring requires 5° to turn fastener
  • Forged chrome vanadium steel, hardened, tempered, chrome plated and polished
  • 72-increment flexible head ratchet

This eight-piece set covers all the popular sizes. Allen key socket on pivot pin and directional arrows. Open end ratchet makes limited access much easier. Hi-Torq® design intended for gripping damaged fixings.


…The final award goes to Draper for their clever double-ended ratchets, offering open and closed spanners. The quality is excellent, as is to be expected from their Expert range. The flexible head design and socket shape offer confident positioning on fixings when working on them by feel in confined areas. At the other end, the open spanner ratchet allows working on fixings with limited movement and without trapping them once loosened, as can happen with a ring spanner design. I’m not a fan of the storage rack supplied but the spanners are what it’s all about and these certainly deliver the results.

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