Draper 3 Tonne Ratcheting Axle Stands “Overall Winner” – Land Rover Monthly

The February 2017 edition of Land Rover Monthly magazine performed a product test on a range of 3-tonne axle stands. Our 3-tonne ratcheting axle stands (stock number 30881) were chosen as the overall winner, out of the 4 stands on test.

“… Given the weight of most Land Rovers, the SWL (Safe Working Load) is an important factor when buying axle stands. The 3-tonne stands tested here will be suitable for most Land Rovers and, if your vehicle is loaded with kit when it’s supported, the additional SWL will be welcome…


…And so, our overall winner is the Draper pair, with excellent construction and finish at a wallet-friendly price. The larger cradle and its central cut-out design allowed the axle to bite into it for additional anti-slip support. Equally, that cut-out is ideal for supporting sills. As a bonus, in 20 years time when you’ve forgotten such things and the stickers have fallen off, their SWL is still clearly stamped into them. I really like that.”

“Excellent quality, on par with Laser’s stands, but without an additional locking pin. These are the only stands stamped with their SWL. which is a worthy touch. Fully extended, they’re the tallest on test, thanks to that large, stable cradle with a stability cut-out that doubles well as a sill positioning slot.


  • Fast ratchet for easy height settings
  • Height range 288mm – 435mm
  • Large cradle with stability cut-out
  • Steel base plate with broad feet
  • Max capacity per stand: 3000kg

Land Rover Monthly Magazine, February 2017