Draper 400mm Fretsaw – Tool Business + Hire Review

400mm fretsaw
The February 2015 issue of Tool Business + Hire Magazine published an independent product review of the Draper 400mm Fretsaw (stock no. 38126) written by Peter Brett.

well-priced, very competent machine with all that is needed to get to work straight out of the box.

“Fretsawing is most commonly a niche pursuit with many expert amateur and professional practitioners operating out of large and small workshops all over the UK. Most of those intricate 3D jigsaws seen at craft shows that are cut out of a single block, are produced by skilled hands and a quality fretsaw such as this one from Draper.

And because a quality fretsaw is absolutely vital for these users, they tend to be very picky about what they look for. The table size needs to be big enough to support larger pieces of work, and it needs to be adjustable for angle too. The power of the motor needs to be more than adequate for near silent operation and for cutting hardwoods up to the specified depth. Blade changing needs to be simple and quick, with the options of using different blades for different materials. Setting blade tension needs to be quick and simple, and a dust blower is a “nice to have” while vacuum assisted dust extraction is the preferred option.

The above makes for a comprehensive list of requirements and fortunately this Draper Fretsaw performs to a professional standard at a typical internet price of around £110 – so it won’t break the bank.”

Read the full review on the Tool Business + Hire website.