Draper 5 Speed Hobby Bench Drill (350W) – Tool Business + Hire Review

5 speed hobby bench drill 38255Tool Business + Hire Magazine published an independent product review of the 5 Speed Hobby Bench Drill (350W) (stock No. 38255) written by Peter Brett.

… A DIY staple …

“For even slightly ambitious DIYers, a bench drill soon becomes a necessity because of the need for greater drilling accuracy in more ambitious projects. Even with a steady hand, drilling accurate holes with a cordless drill is much more difficult than it looks. With a typical price of around the £90 to £100 for this Draper bench drill, (stock number 38255) the cost is around the same as a decent DIY cordless drill – but bearing in mind all the cast iron you get with a bench drill, it seems very good value.

Five spindle speeds can be selected by removing the screw that holds the pulley cover and then adjusting the belt from pulley to pulley. The speed range is from about 580rpm to 2650rpm. These speeds are enough to cover drilling hard and soft materials with the range of drillbits that the 13mm chuck will hold. Used conventionally, the depth range of the drill is 50mm, but the drill head can be rotated, so more flexible options are available to more imaginative users.

With its very competitive pricing and decent capacities this little bench drill is an ideal tool for a DIYer’s shed. It also has a few features that others in this price category don’t have like the NVR switch mounted on the front of the machine – always a good feature to ensure safety.”

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