Draper Adjustable Lawn Rake Put on Test


The Draper Adjustable Lawn Rake – Stock No.21862, was tested in a feature on plot clearance, that appeared in the November 2014 edition of Grow Your Own Magazine.

“A classic lawn rake in its adjustable form that is clearly well made and designed. All too often this concept of rake has had a bad reputation, due to really poor, cheaply made versions making it onto the market. But make no mistake, Draper has made a good solid item. In essence, the rake head retracts to make it very easy to store, and it expands out wide in working mode. The handle is constructed from tubular steel and is married with fifteen flexible steel tines. For adjustment, you simply lock and unlock a small handle. It is very lightweight to use and balanced. It could be thrown into the boot for a journey to the allotment without any trouble at all.”

Practicality – 5/5.
Durability – 4/5.
Value – 5/5.

Grow Your Own Magazine, November 2014

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