Draper Carbon Steel Fork Put on Test By Grow Your Own

The April 2016 edition of Grow Your Own Magazine performed a product test on a range of digging tools, giving the Draper Carbon Steel Fork Stock No. 88789 a score of 13/15.

“Well It goes without saying – a good plot needs good soil. But getting it in the right condition is like trying to turn water into wine! Fundamentally I am a farmer, and regardless of whether I’m growing grass or producing veg I spend most of my time managing the ground. Working the earth isn’t as simple as just thrusting a fork in and turning it over, it’s a whole hidden world of science. But simple base guidance on selecting the right tool for the right soil really does make the whole thing a lot easier and more enjoyable. Tooling up and selecting your weapon doesn’t need to be a random act, with basic understanding of point and purpose to the design of the equipment allows you to get the most out of your time and be more productive. Which surely means more time for tea and cake?”

Draper Carbon Steel Fork

This fork is pretty basic, but in the right place and for the right job it is perfectly suitable for use on the plot. It is made from epoxy coated carbon steel. The tines are of an average length and width and adequate thickness, so it will do many jobs. The shaft does have a core steel shaft hidden beneath the plastic exterior so it is stronger than it appears!

Value – 5/5.
Durability – 4/5.
Practicality – 4/5.

Dave Finkle – Grow Your Own Magazine, April 2016

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