Draper Expert 30cc Petrol Vacuum/blower and Mulcher Put on Test


The Draper Expert 30cc Petrol Vacuum/Blower and Mulcher – Stock No.39087, was tested in a feature on plot clearance, that appeared in the November 2014 edition of Grow Your Own Magazine.

“There are plenty of blower vacs on the market but this version is very tidy and laced with features. At first I couldn’t help but notice how well balanced it was. The bag has a respectable 40-litre capacity with a fairly strong zip for quick, easy emptying. A nice feature is the adjustable air flow setting and soft grip-handle insert. The construction is very sound and built to take a few knocks. The blower also comes with a nifty insert that has wheels for path clearance. For those of you who are keen composters, you’ll be pleased to hear this blower vac is also fitted with a mulching blade that chops up the waste for you and helps to make great compost. Over all, this is a very tidy tool.”

Practicality – 5/5.
Durability – 4/5.
Value – 4/5.

Grow Your Own Magazine, November 2014

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