Draper Expert Induction Heating Tool Kit delivers superior results


When you need heat in the workshop an induction heater is energy efficient and delivers a far superior result compared to braziers, welding or other heating techniques. That’s why Draper Tools offers an easy to use induction heater, operated by simply installing the appropriate coil and placing over or around the ferrous metal requiring heat.

When compared against other heating and brazing techniques, this simple method greatly reduces preparation and setup time, while also reducing the cost of consumables and gas bottle hire. Why struggle with a gas torch or waste money on oxygen or acetylene bottles, when there is a far easier method?

The induction heating process safely heats metallic conductive parts and reaches the required temperature faster than traditional heating methods. This means the Draper Expert Induction Heating Took Kit is ideal for workshops, garages and engineering facilities where heat treatment, soldering or brazing are often required.

The Draper Expert kit produces a concentrated, flameless heat source, which makes it safer, easier to control and a lot faster than conventional gas torches. Another advantage over a gas torch is that the heat is confined with an induction heating tool and doesn’t spread to other areas around it, minimising the risk to seals, gaskets and other surrounding materials.
Part of the professional standard Draper Expert range, each induction heater kit is supplied with a hardwearing carry case and four different shaped coils, offering maximum flexibility and ease of use. It’s portable and lightweight, with dimensions of just 200 x 140 x 75mm, making it incredibly easy to use, whether you need to heat components that are attached or removed from a vehicle.

You can also see how the Draper Expert Induction Heating Tool Kit works in this Draper TV video:

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